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Hi! I'm April

I am a dietitian, recipe creator, business owner, certified personal trainer, wife, and mom! My passion is helping women reduce and eliminate disease through what they eat and how they move. 

With my packages, you will learn to eat in a simple way and you won't feel deprived!  I'll also help you create a workout system that will get you results.


My Specialties Include: 

​Women's Health

​Hormonal Weight Issues


Insulin Resistance



Food Sensitivities

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Beginners Exercise

Functional Exercise

The time to get healthy is now!

As a busy, working mom of three kids, I know what it's like to trying to stay healthy on a busy schedule. Moms are known to put their own health last on the to do list, but not anymore.  My simplified system is made just for you.  I will take your restrictive diet and toss it out the door!

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