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Your Fit Fork Metabolism Testing

The diet industry has steered us so far from properly fueling our bodies that it makes it hard to know what our bodies even needs.  Your Fit Fork offers science backed metabolism testing.  This is a combination of two tests.  Indirect calorimetry and body composition testing. 


Indirect calorimetry testing uses a small FDA approved device which accurately measures both oxygen and carbon dioxide. With this data we are able to see your resting energy expenditure, your total energy expenditure, as well as your respiratory quotient to determine if you are burning more carbohydrates or more fats.  Depending on your goals, a macronutrient calculation that is more accurate to your body can be made.  


In addition to indirect calorimetry Your Fit Fork uses a state of the art 3 D body scanner. This is a DEXA-quality body composition with a medical grade accuracy scanner.  It is non-invasive, and unlike other body composition devices is not dependent on your hydration levels.  Using laser technology the scanner can predict your fat mass, bone mass, lean muscle mass, visceral fat and more.  Plus, the 3 D body scanner will take body measurements with less than 1% error.  When the scale is not budging, but your measurements are improving you will feel motivated to stay consistent and keep pursuing your goals!  You will receive a detailed report that you can share with your coach. It is recommended that you repeat your scan every three to six months.  Purchase your metabolic test below and you will be contacted within one business day to schedule your appointment.  


3D Body Scan

Set goals unique to your body composition.


Indirect Calorimetry

Discover your individual calorie and macronutrient needs. 

Healthy food

Strategy Session

Leave with a strategy for your goals.

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