Your Fit Fork Reset Program

Have you been on the fad diet trail so long that you can't remember the last time you stuck with something?  Restrictive diets set our metabolism up for failure and shut down our fat burning abilities. If you have found yourself eating less, working out more, and still not losing weight this program is for you! Say good bye to boring recipes, restrictive food lists, and anxiety because you quit yet another diet.  Say hello to food freedom, tasty and quick recipes, knowledge of how powerful food is for your body, more energy and more happiness! 

This is a 12 week virtual program.  Sessions will be held live by Zoom. It is an interactive and individualized program. Over the 12 weeks you will have access to your very own registered dietitian, a fitness expert, and a mental health counselor!  In 12 weeks you will learn how to reset your mindset, how to fuel your body for more energy and weight loss, what types of exercises support weight loss, and how to maintain your healthy lifestyle!  Each Zoom session will be 30-60 minutes long.  But it does not stop there!  You will also receive two LIVE weekly workouts, again right from the comfort of your home!  Check out the value you get when you join:

9 sessions with a registered dietitian ($1800 value)

24 Workouts ($240 value)

3 sessions with a counselor ($300 value)

12 weeks of meal plans and recipes specific to your needs ($120 value)

Private Facebook Group Access for Daily Motivation and Support Group (priceless)

This program is exactly what I provide my private clients but with the addition of a support tribe of other ladies on the same path of wellness.  

You get all of this for just 

$495! ($2450 value!)

We know busy moms are on tight budgets so we are offering this package for 3 Easy Payments of $165 a month! 

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