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How Do I Navigate Staying Healthy While Traveling?

When you’re working hard to keep up good healthy habits, leaving your familiar environment can be intimidating! You’ve got your routine figured out at home and that feels awesome - grocery shopping, meal planning, exercising - you’ve got a groove going. I promise that leaving your house to travel does not mean you’ll ruin your progress! Here’s my advice to simplify keeping your health priorities going while on the road.

My first suggestion, hydrate! Bring a 24 oz or larger refillable water bottle with you and keep filling it up when it is depleted. You can start with a full bottle if you’re on a road trip, keep it empty if you’re headed to the airport - you don’t want security to throw it out! Many airports now have water bottle filling stations. If you don’t trust - or don’t enjoy - the tap water sources you’ve got available at on your journey, bottled water is a readily available alternative. Hydration will keep your body operating at its best, so make it a top priority.

Secondly, get in some steps! Driving and flying both involving a lot of sitting, so make sure to plan some time to get up and move. On a long drive, take driving breaks at scenic viewpoints, a park, a cute small town or even just a rest stop so you can walk around. For air travelers, arrive early at the airport and take a little time to explore the terminals on foot. Even a few minutes of motion improves your circulation and engages your body and mind.

You’re going to get hungry. Bring or purchase high protein snacks to eat, such as meat jerky, protein bars, cheese and hardboiled eggs. Protein snacks typically have less unnecessary sugars or empty calories, and benefit your body by supporting the health of your muscles and bones. Proteins will help you feel satiated, which makes it less likely that you will need to eat a food that doesn’t support your goals.

Going out to restaurants can be one of the most enjoyable parts of travel, but when you’re working hard toward cleaner eating goals, walking into a new restaurant may feel like stepping into a trap. I’ve got a simple tip to take the stress out of making meal choices when eating out - seek out veggies on the menu first, then add in your other favorite foods. You should enjoy your special meal! Give your body the health-supporting advantages of a plate with lots of vegetables, as well as the treat of exciting local specialties.

Don’t feel like you need to avoid travel to make progress with your health. Continuing toward your goals can be manageable on the go, without you having to make a huge effort. You can do this!

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