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How Do I Stay On Track On The Weekend?

For most of my clients, working a plan toward their goals in the midst of their usual weekday routine becomes a habit within a few weeks. I do hear from some that when the weekend hits, they struggle a little bit more. It’s now November, and on top of football tailgating season, we’re heading into some big and possibly stressful weekends over the next couple months! I want to make sure you feel confident! If you go from Friday into Saturday and Sunday with a plan in place, you can tackle the unique challenges that face you, and continue in the pursuit of your health goals.

The first piece of your plan should be to have a good idea of what you’re going to eat:

  • Will you be bouncing between your kids’ activities or have outings planned through out the day? If so, pack some healthy snacks for yourself to stay on top of your hunger, and consider what the logistics will be for your meals. Decide the night before whether you are better served to pack a meal to take on the go, or pre-check the area you plan to go, to find out what the food options will be there.

  • Got brunch or dinner plans? Check the restaurant menu ahead and look for the options with the most veggies first, you can add your other favorite foods from there.

  • Attending a party or eating at a friend’s home? Ask if you can bring a dish to share (something you feel good about eating) and keep your meal portion sizes reasonable.

Secondly, keep hydration at the fore front of your mind! Bring a 24 oz or larger refillable water bottle with you and keep filling it up when it is depleted. Drink a can of sparkling or flavored water to make hydration feel like more of a treat. Maintaining your hydration boosts your metabolic function as well as boosting your brain function and overall mood.

Another priority should be ensuring you are getting plenty of protein. Have high protein snacks on hand, and make sure your meals - especially breakfast! - contain adequate protein. Protein snacks typically have less unnecessary sugars or empty calories. Proteins will help you feel satiated, and also benefit your body by supporting the health of your muscles and bones.

Even though it’s your “day off,” keep getting those steps! Either build in time to take a walk into your weekend, or plan activities that will ensure your body spends time up and moving. This could be as simple as walking around a farmers market, or exploring a city, or a nature walk or hike! Even a few minutes of motion improves your circulation and engages your body and mind. Bonus points for time spent in nature, which is known to reduce feelings of stress, irritability and anxiety, restore calm and even lower blood pressure and cortisol levels!

Finally, don’t skimp on sleep. Trying to pack in your to-do list and your want-to-do list into the weekend can tempt you to stay up late! If you’re going out, set a hard-stop deadline for yourself and go home at a time that allows you to get 8 hours of sleep. If you’re binge-ing a great TV show, set a bed-time alarm and stick to it, no matter how compelling the cliffhanger! Weekends should be time to support your body’s need for rest as well as your desire to get things done and enjoy yourself. Regular sleep cycles support your body’s immune system and recovery processes.

Creating a plan for your weekends will require a little bit of effort, but you are going to enjoy the ability to go about your desired plans AND keep your momentum toward your health goals!

Let’s Work Together! Your health is important to me and I want to help you reach your goals! Whether it is providing a bit of accountability, or helping you uncover why you are feeling so crummy I can help you. I am now booking clients for November through April 2023! Let's get you started! You can start with filling out this form for a complementary strategy call where I will go over the best packages and program for you. Request a Strategy Call

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