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Do you Struggle with Consistency and Motivation?  Feel like you don't have the time to focus on yourself?  Or, if you just need a partner in your health journey then my membership is just for you! This is a very hands on program and you will get weekly feedback from me personally! 

The Power of 10 is perfect for anyone wanting to:

  • lose weight and stop the scale from climbing up each week

  • improve insulin resistance or pre-diabetes

  • gain energy and clarity

  • improve digestive health, no more gas and bloating

  • improve quality of life

  • balance out hormones and survive menopause

  • save time with meal plans and quick real life recipes

What do you get with your membership?

  • All information is conveniently delivered through an app

  • A weekly check in with a registered dietitian via messaging

  • Pre-recorded Masterclasses 

  • Access to hundreds of healthy recipes


Over the course of 12 weeks you will learn 10 foundational habits.  The POWER OF 10 will teach you:


  1. Meal Timing: what and when to eat 

  2. How to journal your meals for long term success

  3. Macronutrients 101

  4. Sleep Hygiene

  5. How to Walk for weight loss

  6. Simple 10 minute workouts you can do anywhere

  7. Daily Meditation Techniques

  8. Easy whole food meals anyone can make.

  9. Essential weight loss supplements

  10. How to create motivation



Simplify your habits and optimize your health!


Citrus Fruits

Some of My Education Topics 

How Your Attitude Is Holding You Back

Get Outside And What It Does To Your Hormones

Staying Consistent With Strength Training

Macros 101 And How They Impact Weight Loss

Your Fit Fork Membership Will:
  • Help you prioritize your health.

  • Give you tools to simplify the process.

  • Keep you accountable with weekly check-ins.

  • Keep you motivated with action steps.

I love to hear my clients' success stories!

Oh my gosh you are so supportive and uplifting, thank you!!!  I am new to the weight loss post 40 so my struggle becomes “this worked when I was 20, 30…"

Your Fit Fork Client

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