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Do you Struggle with Consistency and Motivation?  Feel like you don't have the time to focus on yourself?  Or, if you just need a partner in your health journey then my membership is just for you! This is a very hands on program and you will get weekly feedback from me personally! 

At Your Fit Fork your health is my priority! There is no lack of nutrition information out there in the real world. But, how do you know what to believe? And once you find a trustworthy resource, how do you put it into action? Don't worry...I got you! Each month we will focus on healthy habits, functional foods, and intentional movement to get you the health results you desire. This is perfect for anyone wanting to:

  • lose weight and stop the scale from climbing up each week

  • improve insulin resistance or pre-diabetes

  • gain energy and clarity

  • improve digestive health, no more gas and bloating

  • improve quality of life

  • balance out hormones and survive menopause

  • save time with meal plans and quick real life recipes

What do you get with your membership?

  • All information is conveniently delivered through an app

  • A weekly check in with a registered dietitian via messaging

  • Pre-recorded Masterclasses to support the monthly focus

  • A monthly live Q&A group session, jump on the call and ask all of your questions in person!

  • Monthly meal plans with delicious seasonal recipes

What are the monthly focus topics? (the order is subject to change)

  1. Your Fit Fork Lifestyle Shift: Learn how to accept all foods and still get results! We will focus on setting goals for 2023, macronutrients, simple food tracking that gives you freedom in your choices and more! Don't start 2023 on a diet, start with a lifestyle shift!

  2. The Power of 10: learn how to compound 10 habits to gain energy, lose weight, and keep your momentum going. You will learn how to gain consistency and momentum with functional foods, how to improve motivation, why your sleep habits are crucial, and how to never diet again!

  3. Mindset makeover: This month we will focus on our mindset and how to overcome plateaus, frustration, and busy times of life.

  4. It Takes Guts: This month will be a focus on gut health, how to improve your digestion, food sensitivities that may be impacting your health, and what foods to focus on adding in!

  5. Master Your Metabolism 101: 80% of the population has some form of metabolic syndrome. This month you will learn how to change your lifestyle with functional foods, daily habits, and targeted supplementation that will change your metabolism! Perfect for anyone with diabetes, insulin resistance, or prediabetes.

  6. Meal Prepping Basics: simplify your week with some meal prepping focusing on freezer meals, prepped ahead breakfast and lunches, and the healthiest grab n go options!

  7. Time to MenoPause: learn functional foods, supplements, exercises, and daily habits that will make your transition in menopause and beyond easier!

  8. Aging Well:  This month we are focusing on foods proven to slow aging, prevent dementia, and clear up your brain fog.   

  9. Stress Less: this month you will learn foods that naturally reduce stress, supplements proven to calm the central nervous system, and how to keep your habits simple and stress low.

  10. Body on Fire: is inflammation preventing your health from improving?

  11. Improve your Immune System: learn strategies as we go into the cold and flu season that will improve your immune system.

  12. Holiday Survival Kit: learn how to survive the holiday season and still hit your health goals. This month is full of quick recipes, party foods, and a focus on maintaining not gaining weight through the holidays!  

Simplify your habits and optimize your health!

Monthly membership auto renews every 30 days, you can cancel at anytime.

Citrus Fruits

Some of My Education Topics 

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Your Fit Fork Membership Will:
  • Help you prioritize your health.

  • Give you tools to simplify the process.

  • Keep you accountable with weekly check-ins.

  • Keep you motivated with action steps.

I love to hear my clients' success stories!

Oh my gosh you are so supportive and uplifting, thank you!!!  I am new to the weight loss post 40 so my struggle becomes “this worked when I was 20, 30…"

Your Fit Fork Client

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