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Your Fit Fork Studio

Local In-Person or Telehealth

Nutrition and Fitness Training

Located in Twin Falls, ID

Accepts major insurance companies.


Customized Nutrition Counseling

Your customized nutrition package will take your diagnosis, signs, symptoms, and personal goals and put them into a plan that will help your health thrive.  If you are struggling to get health answers Your Fit Fork will help you get to the root cause by using lifestyle interventions, functional lab testing, and most importantly will listen to you.

Plans starting at $197 per month

Customized Personal Training

Starting an exercise program can be intimidating, especially if you have never been much of an exerciser before.  At Your Fit Fork we specialize in functional movement.  Your day to day activities should not involve pain, and  your fitness plan should be designed for your body!

Plans starting at $397 per month


VIP Packages

Combine the best of both worlds with nutrition and fitness.  Over the course of 6 months we will improve your nutrition specific to your health needs and create a workout plan that will get you feeling energized, happy, and fit.  Your Fit Fork specializes in workout programs specific for those with obesity, diabetes, digestive disorders, and pain.

Plans starting at $597 per month

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